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Obamacare is costing us a lot more money.....
— by judydel judydel
Thanks, Obama, for the added costs to my healthcare plan.  Last October, our co-payment went up to $30 per person.  Not too bad for one person but add another six people in the house and that can cost a big chunk of change to go to the doctors.  Also, in addition to the hike in the co-payment, Obamacare has put out specifics on what tests will be covered and what will not.  

I got fooled when I took my twin daughters in for a yearly checkup which i was assured by Blue Cross that they would cover without any copayment or deducti ble applied.  Well, yes, they did cover the office visit, but NOT the routine tests that the doctor's office did.  So, now I'm stuck with over $110 to pay out of pocket for a little finger prick and a urine test.  I guess it's my fault that I didn't ask exactly what test would be covered and what wouldn't, but in the past those items were routine.  Always remember what A S S U M E means especially now that our government is deciding what tests should be given to what people.  

Another item to watch out for with your healthplan.  My husband went to an emergency clinic and was told to go over to the hospital, as they thought there was something wrong with his EKG that they took.  The hospital was an "in-network" provider but the ER doctor wasn't, so now we're stuck with over $400 to pay plus excess hospital costs.  I guess we should've thrown the doctor out of the room, when he came in to figure out what was wrong with my husband, because he wasn't on our list of "network" providers.

Not a lot of money for being treated you say, well, these days every penny counts.  So, now, everyone in my house will have to be pretty sick, before we go see a doctor.  Hey, maybe that was Obama's plan all along.