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Federal Law and Wickard v Filburn
— by Nicholas Maxwell Nicholas Maxwell
I've begun to wonder how much our American society is effected by the Wickard v Filburn court precedent that changed the "Interstate Commerce" clause. I'm starting this thread for discussion of this topic.

Let's discuss and speculate as to how much federal law could be easily overturned and deemed unconstitutional if the Supreme Court overturned this precedent. From what I can tell, any precedent built upon this would be demolished and invalid.

Could it end the "War on Drugs" that's the feds justify by the clause? Restore individual liberty to provide for one's self such as growing one's own wheat for consumption? Just how far will overturning this case restore the 10th amendment? What will the Supreme Court revert the "Interstate Commerce" clause to?

I'll continue to do my own research and post evidence as I find it.

Nicholas Maxwell
Plaintiff of Hobbs, NM