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simple. Fed law *requires* STRIKING the Defs' pleadings.
— by Torm Howse Torm Howse
Hello.  After noticing several fatal legal errors in the Defendants' recent Memorandum filed in support of their Motion to Dismiss, I wanted to point out the most obvious, and simplest, clearest way to knock them back to the stone age -- the fact that the Defendants' choice of "representation" in this matter is absolutely fatal, and also absolutely requires that ALL of their filings be immediately stricken from the record (also leaving the actual Defendants in [too late, too bad, so sad, for them..] clear Default for failing to timely answer with any *valid* and *lawful* responsive pleadings).

This is an EASY one.

You see, the Senate and Senators have their own *mandatory/statutory* representation:
(US Code, Title 2)
§ 288. Office of Senate Legal Counsel
see also
§ 288c. Defending the Senate, committee, subcommittee, member, officer, or employee of Senate
...but, most definitely, the AG (nor *any* of his DOJ staff, the U.S. Attorneys... as in this OCA case..) absolutely *cannot* represent either the U.S. Senate, current Speaker Pelosi, Reid, or etc., when it comes to ANY question of constitutionality of their acts, but the representation *must* be ONLY the Senate Legal Counsel, for any/all of them... because of:
§ 288h. Defense of certain constitutional powers
and, also because of:
§ 288k. Attorney General relieved of responsibility

The United States Code ("federal law", for you non-legal types) also provides several like mandatory items to slash Obama and his mandatory non-AG, non-DOJ, etc., representation in this case, too.

This case is soooo easy to slam-dunk for the Citizens:
-- direct legal standing is **expressly** provided by BOTH the Federal Constitution AND in the United States Code, SEVERAL times over... i.e., take your pick of which expressly-provided legal standing(s) you'd like to use.
-- directly from just 16 words in the Federal Constitution, the "parlimentary procedure" of this OCA ("ACA") process was and is entirely fatal, already, from the beginning (i.e., the supposed "magic 60" of a supposedly Dem-controlled Senate is an EASY one to smash to pieces - the entire Senatorial voting on this blasphemous "ACA" bill was invalid, from the start... totally VOID "ab initio" or "from the beginning")... in other words, this "Hell-th Care" bill was null and void from the beginning, legally, and there's not one damn thing they can do about it now.  Again, too late, too bad, so sad, for them.
-- etc.

I have at least two dozen simple, direct ways to slam-dunk this case to shreds, instantly.  I have invited Van, Tony, Gregg, Dawn, et al., to contact me again for more fun and victory :)

God Speed with His Blessings.

Sincerest Regards,
Mr. Torm Howse
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
United Civil Rights Councils of America
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Parental Alienation Awareness Organization - US
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The FIDO Network
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